Understanding Your Limits

It is crucial to remember that everyone metabolizes alcohol differently. While a 180 pound man could enjoy several drinks over the course of an evening and still be able to drive safely, the same cannot be said for a 120 pound woman. Women absorb and metabolize alcohol differently from men and generally have higher BACs after consuming the same amount of alcohol.

When determining whether you can safely drive after drinking it is important to consider several factors including your gender and weight, the time between drinks, food consumed, and level of activity while drinking.

It is also important to note that because alcohol impairs judgment, you may not be able to determine your own level of sobriety after consuming several drinks. Setting a limit at the beginning of the night and utilizing designated drivers if you’ve consumed too much are important ways to keep yourself and others safe.

The following charts describes how much alcohol an individual can consume over a period of time to reach different levels of blood alcohol concentration. Most drivers can consume a drink or two over the course of an evening and feel comfortable getting behind the wheel.

BAC Chart for Men

BAC Chart for Women